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The result of analysis is really concerning
Young female doctor
Oh no, i think i confused the prescription
Staying on the guard of heart diseases
No time for rest, urgent things are calling us
Moment of highest responsibility
Waiting for today's patients
Think, we might wanna check it
Is there something that bothers you?
Young doctor holding stethoscope on her neck and looking st something attentively
Gonna do some examination today
Young medical doctor standing with light smile on her face
Let's get it's all fixed, huh?
Let's get to the work, folks
So this's the part where we have a problem
Medication mistake
Not so much time to get us prepared to an operation
How fast does your heart beat?
Involved in work thoughts
Opreation starts in ten minutes
Moment of highest responsibility
Hard day is ahead of us
Any complaints, folks?
I need to determine your blood pressure
Is there something i can help you with?
Gonna do some examination today
What can i help you with?
And the problem is there in the lungs, right?
And it's the part where we found a small issue
Doctor, what's that?
Doctor, what's that?