Speaking out our opinions is important
Well, we should figure something out about that
Proud of all of you rainbow people out there
I know what i'll be wearing today
I truly love my job and my clients
It fits perfectly in my aesthetic of pale autumn colours
That awkward pause when you suddenly lose a train of a thought for no reason in particular
Wait-wait-wait, don't move, i need to fix a few details
Weird. i don't remember buying it
I put my makeup on right after i get out of the shower so i could spend the rest of my morning routine feeling aesthetically pleased
I know exactly what the danish girl felt when she tried that dress on for the first time of her life
Should i..?
Checking myself out in the mirror before applying the finishing touch
So, what can you say about the current political situation in our country?
Not sure where to start
If i stained a white bathrobe but the stain is also white, should i wash it or just wait for another, not-that-white stain first?
Here the list ends
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