Couple Stock Photos: thin

Showing my love and appreciation
Oh, you should've have brought me flowers
Using flowers' language to express my feelings
Old woman leaning hand on her young boyfriend's back
All that fancy and ready for great date time
Young guy got flowers for his mature girlfriend
Nowadays true gentlemen exist too
Taking a closer look on love of my life
Mom, i hope you like it
That's just great, i'm so tired of mismatched socks!
It's so sweet of you, honey
Well, what are you waiting for? open it up!
I love spending time with my grandma
He's so caring and attentive to me
Granny, i can make your old photos look like new
This is what i call digitally advanced grandma
There's something very bonding about reading together
Look, what nice pictures are here!
What a wonderful bouquet!
Can you pay some attention to your grandma?
Mum, let's give a new life to our old photos!
Digital photos are better than printed, don't you think so?
I can't tell you how much i appreciate roses
I guess i just don't understand today's generation
I'm happy he likes my cinnamon buns
Wow, what a wonderful smell
Gosh, these sweet buns taste like heaven
Gosh, these sweet buns taste like heaven
I absolutely love your bakery!
Thanks a lot but roses aren't really my favorite flowers
You're looking just flawless today
Honey, you're looking just great today
Young guy giving flowers to his older partner
Old woman leaning hand on her young boyfriend's back
Having just the best time in company of two of us
Oh, you should've have brought me flowers
Just a gesture of my feelings to you
Oh no, not this again
You spoil me, darling, with all these gifts
My grandma buys a pair of socks for me every christmas
What have i done wrong?
Do you remember that summer?
My granny loves flowers
Printed photos vs digital photos is a huge debate today
Browsing through our family photo album together
I can't believe how fast time flies
Look, you just can't do without your gadgets
Good choice, granny
It's so sweet of you to bring me flowers
Well, it's time to turn our old photos into digital images
Wow, my granny is such a techie
Age gap love
Granny, you know i don't eat sweets
Cheers to your baking abilities, nanny!
Sorry, baking and healthy eating don't go together
Granny, you sure outdone yourself this time!
Wow, it looks like a real baking masterpiece!
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