Emotional Stock Photos

I'm begging you, stop it!
Who me?
The highest point of disbelief: achieved
You had one job, one job, carl! how did you manage to fail it twice??
Everybody, run! she's about to transform!!
Am i singing or am i having an emotional breakdown? who knows
Excuse me?? how did you just call me???
What the heck, man
When you thought nothing could be worse but life took it as a challenge
How many times do i have to tell you-
A moment before the catastrophe
How could you have the audacity-
Indignant to the point of having no words
Battle cry
This is gonna be an axetraordinary battle
Hey, what are you talking about?
I got something in my eye
God help me
Sometimes the eyes can speak a thousand words
Think of that, young man
Don't even get me started on this, boy
We've discussed this thousand times, were you even listening??
Congrats! you've got a stamp of approval from amalia today!
And this is the end of the story
Oh, so now i am the one who is guilty??
One second too late
For me??
An unexpected turn of events
Get ready to die ingloriously from a plastic axe from a children store