Different views on the problem
I'm speechless
Oh no, it's unbelievable!
Where do you want to fly, my princess?
I will always protect you
I shouldn't have shown her that sad video
Oh no, i spoiled everything
Oh these photos from last sunday are really nice!
Have you seen this video? it's amazing
When you watch popular challenge videos
Lovely home date
Oh these photos from last sunday are really nice!
Romantic surprise
Don't be afraid, darling
What is it all about?
I don't understand what's going on there
Who is that on the picture?
It's for real! can you believe it?
I've heard that this guy from our school...
Have mercy, please, it hurts
Don't even dare to give me flowers after what you've done
Young beautiful couple watching something on their digital tablet
Happy together
There's always a place for such moments in our every day life
Let's see a trailer of this film before going
He always finds something interesting to show me
What is it all about?
What do you have there?
Let's fly away together
She's too curious to wait!