With Beard

English style emotional storm
Adore playing with my dear friend
Sharing my daily coffee with a friend
Do you want to bet against me?
I'm begging you, stop it!
Man, you are crazy
Who me?
You can do better, man
This means not cool at all
Did i get you right?
I got something in my eye
Old professor holding a digital tablet and pointing on it
Well, do you have any thoughts about that?
Amazed old professor reading a book
Save a life - adopt a shelter pet
Save a life - adopt a shelter pet
Impressed mature man holding a puppy
Man having a morning coffee and a puppy sitting on his shoulder
Every morning wake up is a joy with this little one
Look, it's time for an adult conversation
Hey, i'm just fooling around here
Hey, what are you talking about?
Victory, only victory and nothing but victory
Wow, that's what i call a good idea!
No one's holding a gun to my head... really?
Sometimes life can seem like a living hell
Old professor showing a tablet
Old professor holding a book and seems like talking to someone
Old professor holding a book and pointing on it
Excited old professor holding book and pointing on it
Mature man looking sad and wiping his tears