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One of the most remarkable days of my life is today
One of the most remarkable days of my life is today
Listening to all these long talks
Arguing over the telephone would be like
Exchanging messages with old pals is always a pleasure
Well, and how that is even possible, huh?
Do you have any problem with me about this?
Trying my best at holding feelings
Have any thoughts about that?
Things have been just amazing lately
Young guy seems like paying attention to something
Don't i get something here?
In expectation of great day
But we've gotta to solve this somehow?
When movie gives you some food for thoughts
Today i'm just the happiest woman
I assure you
Don't tell me we have some problems here
Well, it doesn't sound very good
You've really surprised me with that
Are you being serious about it right now?
Gosh, feeling myself so angry right now
Well, that sounds just great, you know
Everything is going just great
Friends' jokes make me smile all the times
Yeah, that seems not bad at all
That idea seems just great for me
Feeling quite grateful for all the things
I just can't hold my tears while watching this
Oh, it's such a sad story