This smile is not a sign of happiness, it's my defence mechanism
Wishing everyone and me great sportive day
Surprisingly, they get along pretty well together
They grow up so fast
I don't care about small talks, i'm 3
Children teach us to notice little things in life again
What do you mean i won't get to play with it? but we won it together!
We are so alike, she even likes the same music as i do!
Let's listen to eminem, mother
Surfing in the internet together with mr cat
Spending more time together is always better
Why does she keep doing that? i really enjoy my salad!
Wishing everyone and me great sportive day
Look, a sunny bunny!
The urge to join her is so tempting
Don't talk to me or my daughter ever again
When she looks up at me like that i feel like i'd do literally anything for her and even more
Kids' songs can actually be pretty good!
What are you listening to, mommy? you didn't even plug your headphones in
Good taste in music runs in the family
Young woman holding cat in front of laptop
Surprised young woman holding cat and man holding an empty pan
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