european man

#adult #elderly #mature #senior
Dancing with you is wonderful
You are my treasure
My precious heart
This shirt looks amazing on you
Our love is like fine wine...
This is my christmas gift for you: unlimited shopping!
All those gifts for us?
How much money did you spend shopping?
Did i tell you that i love you today?
My precious heart
As happy as we used to be years ago
This is my christmas gift for you: unlimited shopping!
Celebrating a long relationship
Wanna guess what i got you for christmas?
Back to childhood and the wonder of christmas
Look, i'm still good at pouring champagne
Well, well, let's take a look
She's the best that has happened to me
You are my happy place
Here's to you, my love
I hope he likes it
They are saying in unison: i got you something...
And here's to our dear guests
Fantastic! i really needed that
I got you something
It's so thoughtful of him, i'm moved to tears
Why are you looking at me like that?
Good gracious!
Another selfie with my love
You look so beautiful, darling
She is so caring
Always together with my love
What can be better than a quiet evening together
Elegant senior couple standing together
Love and tenderness
Checking out the camera on my new phone
So, what is it this time?
She's the best that happened to me in my life
Here's to love that lasts for a lifetime
Let me invite you to a dance
Well, that was just a little caprice
We belong together, you and me forever...
Yeah, he does funny stuff sometimes...
Our kids are so nice to us
We share our family budget
Fantastic! i really needed that
I wonder who gave it to you
Come on, let's have a glass of wine
Cheers to you, cheers to us!
Will you allow me to give it to you?
So, what do we have here?
Good taste as ever
No, don't open it, try to guess what there's in the box
Here's a little present for you
So, what is it this time?
Oh my goodness!
Holly molly!
Well, for goodness sake!
Elegant senior couple making a selfie
Maybe you should have told me you were going to buy a car!