european man

We just moved in!
We just moved in!
I gave her a bouquet of flowers, she smiled and suddenly the time has stopped around us
I gave her a bouquet of flowers, she smiled and suddenly the time has stopped around us
Hugging before going on vacation
Taking important decisions
Controlling watch settings
C'mon, dear, we need to hurry
Young couple looking at something and smiling
I love his sense of humour
My precious heart
You are my treasure
Always together with my love
What have i done wrong?
Oh, you should've have brought me flowers
Young guy got flowers for his mature girlfriend
Just a gesture of my feelings to you
Special tools can significantly improve life of people with disabilities
Good taste as ever
They are saying in unison: i got you something...
She's the best that happened to me in my life
Wanna guess what i got you for christmas?
Fantastic! i really needed that
So, what do we have here?
Here's to love that lasts for a lifetime
I feel safe and secure with him
It's our couple time together
Paying attention to watch settings
Interracial couple crossing legs and standing side by side
Having a good time together
Our love will last a lifetime
I can always rely on him
Those minutes of saying goodbye
Hugs and kisses before going on trip
Enjoying company of ourselves
Enjoying our time together
Discovering summer city with my love
Going somewhere with my hun
Couple holding hands
Love and tenderness
This is my christmas gift for you: unlimited shopping!
Dancing with you is wonderful
She is so caring
Taking a closer look on love of my life
Nowadays true gentlemen exist too
Learning to read braille
All those gifts for us?
I hope he likes it
We belong together, you and me forever...
Yeah, he does funny stuff sometimes...
So, what is it this time?
Will you allow me to give it to you?
Did i tell you that i love you today?
Celebrating a long relationship
We've just moved in together
Having nice time together
Being careful with time
Good looking couple
Our love will last a lifetime
This is serious for both of us
I love his sense of humour