Emotions Stock Photos: caucasian

Can someone give me an explanation, huh?
Isn't this dog cute? yeah, i'm allergic to dogs
That sounds just awful, can't believe it really happens
Ok, do what you want, i'm going home to study
Have any thoughts about that?
Having a good time with my friends
They got to know each other yesterday and they're already a couple!
Seeing them together breaks my heart
Ah, so you're being serious about that?
I like it, let's do it, huh?
When some embarrassing moments happen
Feeling quite confused with that
Oh my, i can't believe it!
Handsome young man seems to remember something
What a great occasion to get a chance to know you
Understanding where this joke is going?
How there could be no reaction at all?
Thumbs up for new technology
When things have been bad lately
When you realise something shouldn't have happened
Don't i get something here?
Yeah, that seems not bad at all
That idea seems just great for me
Aww so sweet!
Feeling a little bit lost in thoughts
That's what loneliness looks like
He broke my heart
Just relax and chill out a bit
Come on guys, we're having an important exam today!
Please, don't tell my mom where i am now
Well, that sounds just great, you know
What's that?
Drinking instead of studying? that's not for me
Everything is going just great
Young guy seems like paying attention to something
Seeing them together breaks my heart
I will never love again
Please stop doing kissie-kissie when i'm here
Everything is ok, no need to be worried
Well, that's something new for me
Please, help me with this thing
They got to know each other yesterday and they're already a couple!
I like how that idea sounds
Well, i really don't like the idea how it sounds
Folks, do you even get this joke, huh?
And how this could've happened to me, you know?
Young stand-up comic talking into a microphone
Do you reall think it will work out?
When you've said something you really didn't have to
I don't approve that
Friends' jokes make me smile all the times
In expectation of great day
That's so funny!
Being quite impressed with this thing
Think, this thing is not worth any time
Seeing them together breaks my heart
They're crazy!
I can't believe it, they're drinking on the exam day
Young couple drinking beer and a girl standing with a bunch of books
You've really surprised me with that