european man

Thinking about some more shopping time
Thinking about some more shopping time
Watching tv with my bro isn't easy
Let's see who's stronger here
And how does he beat me every time?
Ok, let me see what do we have here
Even if we're grown ups, we still like playing rock, paper, scissors
Yeah, that tv show really sucks
Checking out what's today on tv
Two brothers watching tv and one of them holding remote controller
When time together with bro is so much fun
Remembering childhood time and acting like warriors
Checking what's there out in the world
Drowning in tv programme
New device pieces needs time to figure out how to use it
What a night with friends without pizza and drinks?
Haven't been having such a great nigh in a long time
Food, drinks and friend talks are just great
Company and pizza are great
Reading time with grandparents
Grandparents and kid girl daughter holding cookies
Getting ready for christmas celebration
Grandparents and kid girl granddaughter reading a book
Look, what nice pictures are here!
Grandparents and granddaughter having cacao with cookies and signing postcards
Playing a tense game of chess
male embroiderer
Seems like tv isn't interesting
Gosh, seems like these postcards will never finish
I love spending time with my grandma
Got some shopping made
When your brother isn't exactly tv fan
Ok, let's look something else
Maybe, we better switch it off
Let's see what a secret do you have here
Yeah, my bro isn't good at playing
When brother still playing better
Looking for something interesting on the tv
When you and brother have different taste for tv show
Trying to skip some boring tv stuff
Ok, let's see who has more powers
Checking out what's there on tv
What a nice thing it is
Paying attention to remote controller
Young man holding game controller playing video games
Starting friday night the proper way
Pizza and soda are our kind of evening treat
It's gonna be just wonderful evening time with friends
Relaxing time spending with friends
Seems like we've found some interesting fact
Well, these cookies really taste just delicious
Yeah, i think it's enough cookies for today
I can't believe how fast time flies
Look, you just can't do without your gadgets
Gosh, seems like these postcards will never finish
Checkmate in three moves
Needlework keeps your brain active
Quite enjoying this sweet treat
Reading book with grandparents is even more interesting
Do you remember that summer?