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Doesn't have time for a full workout
Flexing his muscles
That's what keeps me in shape
Smiling mature man stretching
Wow, i was moving really fast, huh
Young handsome man doing an exercise
I'm getting into this sportive stuff
Young man standing with his arms in different directions
Wasn't prepared for that exercise
Who is rene magritte
Yeah, maybe i don't know how to fight, but bold of you to assume this is gonna stop me
Running away from my problems
Pounding an invisible nail into the invisible wall
Few more seconds and i die like this and they'll have to discover my body clutching two blue dumbbells, with abba blasting in my earpods
If there was a world record for the lack of enthusiasm i'd not even take the first place, i'd be in jury
Getting in a good stretch
Must-do stretching exercise
Focused on some morning stretching
Young sportsman standing with his hands in the pockets
Young attractive man warming up
Young handsome man doing an exercise
Young handsome man doing an exercise
To be active means to be well
my talent is looking aesthetically pleasing in the least suitable situations
Come at me, bro
I'm gonna unenthusiastically punch you in the face and you will be apathetically sorry
Thinking about my life
Do i have the strongest punch in the wild west? no. but do i have the quickest one? also no
I could've spent this time on something useful like sleeping or crying or maybe even both
I wish i could feel something