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Working hard got me sleepy and exhausted
Feeling exhausted after work
Girl with a book
Yeah, studying time got me in this emotion
Could this day be even more boring?
Feeling slightly exhausted of this summer heat
Oh, this summer time got me exhausted
Not taking off her formal dress
Not taking off her formal dress
Yawning? be sure to cover your mouth
Coffee doesn't work
Coffee doesn't work
All these flowers picking got me exhausted
Wish there was no school
I've been studying too hard
What should i write her?
What should i write her?
Trying to distract myself a little
Taking a little break
Oh, it was an intensive work day
Okay, enough shopping for today
I've been working my best at work
Come on girls, we didn't find what we wanted yet
We need a little coffee break to continue
Don't worry girls, work day still continue
Worked well and it's time to have a rest
I'm tired of hearing your lies!
It's getting quite late, time to rest
Worn out and so sick of this ironing
Call center agent sitting at work place and touching head
Oh, guess i need a break from all these exercises
Time to take a little break
Pushing work efforts to the limits
Sleeping and working at the same time
Yeah, this is my mood after the few hours of working hard
Creative thinking makes me a little bit tired
Distracted from the outside world
Day off at the beach would be like...
Tired of dieting
Coffee doesn't work
I'm a little bit tired today
Coffee doesn't work
When this day got you so exhausted
Young attractive girl lies on her arm at the table near the chessboard
Tired because of carrying books, not because of studying
Gaining knowledge is a hard work
Gaining knowledge is a hard work
Oh, i think i'm done with work for today
Taking a little break
Taking a little break
Seems like i deserve a little break
Tired but satisfied
That was a wild shopping day
Just a quick break from shopping
We've worked really well girls, it's time to rest
Boss is always ready and full of energy
Well, it's proper time to rest a little, no?
Even tea party in my company can get a little bit boring
All these talks and chattering got us really tired
Tired and sick of all the routine
Schoolgirl sleeping on table and her dad looking pensive
Oh, guess i need a break from all these exercises
This training got me seriously