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Design drawings process got me pensive
Doing work well is hugely important
Getting ready for thr work day
Fluffy assistant
Fluffy assistant
Good work result is all about concentration
In the middle of working process
Fluffy assistant
Fluffy assistant
Guessing how i should change drawings
Immersed in thoughts about work
It's my treat, so do try please
Well, taking care of plants is quite my hobby
Checking out social networking thing
Aged woman involved in phone discussion
Listening all my friend's saying
It's great time and light to make a selfie
This knitted piece of clothes must look good
Contemplating result of my work
Old woman watering plant
Smiling old office worker looking at digital tablet
Involved in these work thoughts
Know about all these modern gadgets too
Fashionable old office woman holding an ipad
Knitting is actually my kind of time spending
Hm, should i knit something more?
'cause it's all about fashion sense
Aged office worker sitting with her hands folded near computer
Homemade apple pie, you must taste it!
Help yourself to a homemade apple pie
This dress was made for me
Aged stylish woman sitting at the computer desk and looking aside
Working on some architecture stuff
Giving a clean fresh look to the work stuff
Young girl sitting at the table with laptop, coffee and vase with flowers
Guessing how i should change drawings
Can't understand what's wrong here
Working hard to get results
Architect in the middle of working process
Wondering what could've gone wrong here
It's my treat, so do try please
Pie baking starts with a dough
Working on new piece of house decoration
Smiling old woman looking on the phone
Old woman looking on smartphone
Figuring out tasks for today
Old woman holding plastic cup to go and making selfie
Old woman holding a green plant in pot
Old woman holding a plant
Smiling old woman holding plastic cup and looking on smartphone
Smiling old female office worker holding an ipad
Old woman holding digital tablet
Selfie is always a nice idea
You can call me an ipad fan
Old woman sitting at the table ad knitting
Old woman sitting at the table and knitting
Ready for this work day to start
Old woman working on computer
Serious looking aged woman sitting at computer desk
Old stylish woman with one hand up and one hand on hip
Pensive aged woman leaning her chin on hand while sitting at the table
Feeling enthusiastic about this idea