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Young mother and a little daughter
We definitely will remember our marriage
From this moment and forever
Honey tried her best at baking cookies
Have a lot on my mind to dream about
It's just two of us and nothing more matters
Having love of my life by my side
Movie night with my love
Autumn evenings are just made for movies and coffee
All these talks and chattering got us really tired
Being together like a family is all we've ever wanted
Story of our life starts right here
Happy family time
Enjoying sun rays while having a possibility
Two lovely birds are family from this very moment
When friend praised your baking skills
Having just the most magical sweet evening with my girl
Doing love shot with cookie is quite an idea
What did you put in it this time?
Oh, these cookies must taste really great
Do not eat after 6 p.m.
Do not eat after 6 p.m.
Don't say me you're not cheating, sis
Don't say me you're not cheating, sis
I just can't hold my tears while watching this
Spending all the time with my partner for a life
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