feeling cold Stock Photos

It's so cold here!
I feel a bit shivery
Why on earth my hands get so chilly
Have your treatment and let's get you to bed
I'm so sorry i let you down with all this flu going around
Winter is coming
What can be better than a thick sweater and a cup of hot chocolate on a cold day?
Why on earth it happens to me right now?
Hope it works
It's time to get warm
My grandmother knitted me this sweater
I just want to be like that all day
Feeling so warm and cozy
This is torture - the fever, the chills and the sweating
Having literally sweet time with my friend
Having a cold or flu is never fun
Catching a cold is the worst thing that could happen to me
I hope that you will get well soon
Don't get upset, it happens to the best of us...
This drink will help warm me up and lower my fever
Stay here until you're healthy again
Wrapped in my favourite sweater
I think i'm coming down with flu-like symptoms
Look, it's snowing
I'll look after you until you recover
Look, these pills will get you back on your feet in no time
Winter is the right time for comfy clothes
Take the temperature and we shall see what we can do
Autumn evenings were created for tea and cookies party
No drugs, no meds, just natural remedies
Here the list ends
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