feeling inspired

Do i look like a bush?
Nothing personal, but i prefer celery
Flowers are very good for posture.
Celery is the power of vegan!
What if not only flowers are not real?
These magic flowers make me invisible!
These flowers make me so mysterious
I wanted a boombox photo shoot, but they only had a broom...
If i would be a super hero - my name would be celery-man!
I urgently need to patent a heated artificial bouquet!
That's how i train my eyes like a cat from a shrek
How many calories are there in a bunch of celery?
Sometimes i want to get a cat, but then i remember that flowers are better. they do not need to be cleaned.
Somebody, scratch my back please! although i can do it myself...
I guess its time to change the shirt.
Oh...these plastic flowers smell like an rubber boot!
Is it worth grabbing flowers from behind like a sword or its better to present as usual?
A parade of flowers
Here the list ends
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