female legs

Treating myself with a little day off at the beach
Feeling slightly exhausted of this summer heat
Noir is a state of soul and actions
Black is my color and my mood
My soul wears black 60's dresses too
Noir is a state of soul and actions
Black is the most elegant color
Black is my brightest color
Day at the beach feels just great
Sexy girl lying on sand and sunbathing
What a wonderful time at the beach
What a wonderful time at the beach
Enjoying this summer sun
Taking these sunbathes
Very relaxed and extermely into vacation
This weather feels just great!
Absorbing this summer sun rays
Feeling these summer vibes already
Just enjoying myself and sun
What a beautiful time under hot summer sun
Enjoying sunbathing time
Flipping through magazine's pages while enjoying sun
Adore this sunbathing time
Summer time day off at the beach
Enjoying day off at the beach
Feeling pretty cool today
Spending this time with pleasure
Trying to hide from this summer sun
Feeling this vacation already
Having the best time of this summer
Day off at the beach would be like...
My style is all about basic colors and simplicity
Elegant young woman in red beret and glasses
Elegant young woman holding camera
Definitely not in mood for jokes
Yeah, feling these noir vibes
Feeling everything in black and white colors
Feeling myself just great
Sun on my skin feels amazing
Absorbing summer sun rays
What a wonderful time at the beach
Relaxing and just enjoying thi summer time
Absorbing summer sunrays
Ready to conquer this city
Warm summer wind feels just nice
Being active and super relaxed at the same time
It's all about sunbathing and just relaxing
Enjoying sun and positive summer vibes
Noir suits my mood and look quite well
Trying to catch this wonderful summer sun
Hope to have beautiful tan
Reading while absorbing sun rays
Summer feels just amazing
Mind off and just enjoying summer sun
Enjoying this day at the beach
Oh, i'm in love with the weather
Got into this summer mood
Immersed in myself and just relaxed
Just enjoying myself and summer sun
Enjoying summer vibes and the sun