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It sounds very strange
What am i supposed to answer?
He's been keeping silence for ages
He doesn't want to break up with me, does he?
Please, say no more
These are two maps of the same city, why on earth do they give me the contradicting directions
My mama didn't raise a quitter but at the moments like this i'm very close to proving that statement wrong
Are you talking to me?
Living in the 21st century means having to do half of your job through your mobile phone
I have mixed feelings about this whole thing
What should i answer?
It was rather strange call
What should i answer?
Oh well, let's see what's there
Tired young man looking at the screen of his smartphone
That's the 100th message for today
Okay, so the map shows me how to get to this place in detail and the internet says that it doesn't exist
Is it me or their version of the route to the museum really does lie through the restricted area
Mom, i'm working, i'll call you back later
Here the list ends
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