Every morning at this very moment i keep asking myself what stops me from getting lash extensions and this thought gets more appealing with each day
I think i need more hairbrushes
Am i doing it right
I have mixed feelings about the upcoming workday
Why having one hairbrush if you can have two
It's 6am and i'm already having my second breakdown
I thought nothing could be more perfect than this morning but then i saw my reflection
Anything is a weapon if you try hard enough
When nothing goes as it should
Having a bit of self care is always nice, but no niceness can make up to an early monday morning, let's be honest
Enjoying my morning routine
Everything feels a little better when your hair is on point
Getting ready to slay
Applying makeup can be a pretty meditative thing if you know what you're doing
I don't sing in the bathroom, i perform
This would be so much easier if i had a mirror
Go eco!
Yes, i'm aware it's gonna end up in my mouth, no, this is not gonna stop me. i paid so much for it i have a full right to know what it tastes like
One last detail and i am ready to shine ✨
Do i look like an elf? i think i look like an elf. i only lack pointed ears, but it's easy to fix.
We start with combing each strand...
Perfectly measured strokes of the hairbrush for a perfectly done hairdo
You think i'm looking at my reflection in the mirror but in reality i'm watching a suspicious person in the window behind me
I love blow drying and style her hair
Yes? what can i help you with?
In a process of getting perfect skin
No look is finished without lipstick
Spring vibes!
Last time i did it the cologne got into my eyes but this time i have a better plan: i'm not gonna look at it at all
It got stuck and won't let go, this hairbrush is a part of me now
Starting the morning with my dearest silly one
And where did i put all the other ones?
In a very serene and thoughtful mood
I feel like adding some curls today
What a wonderful morning
Today we are serving looks
Thinking about you
It lookied easier in the youtube tutorial
But i only have one hairbrush!
If you don't lipsync to your favourite songs in the bathroom then what are you even doing in there
Going about my morning routine
Done with the morning routine
Feeling playful
Morning routine is a perfect time to think over the plans for the day
I put my makeup on right after i get out of the shower so i could spend the rest of my morning routine feeling aesthetically pleased
Work can wait, i'm not going until i've finished
My lifestyle is neat and minimalistic and suits my preferences perfectly
Haven't slept for two days, learned more than i've ever known, have had more coffee cups than it's possible to imagine, can i hear colours? probably. what is this emotion on my face? i don't know
This is my favourite colour
Now you look like a nicely combed little princess
Yup, makeup first, shaving after. priorities, you know
Ugh, seems like the hair got tangled again
No hurting, i promise!
Please mommy fix my hair
Should i do a ponytail or just go with what i have?
No hurting, just carefully combing the hair strand by strand
Sometimes a certain smell will take me back to when i was young
Do you feel the vibes of cuteness? those are mine
Let's hope my hand won't flinch
Have you ever seen such beauty?