go bald

Santa claus focused on reading information on folder
Well, christmas time gets me exhausted
Shhh... you don't see me, okay?
Can you keep a secret?
Wow, santa got me stuffed deer this year
Feeling that christmas time is almost here
Well, wasn't it supposed to be present for someone?
Santa claus sitting with hands on his stomach
Santa claus sitting and reading letters
Santa claus reading letters
Santa claus pointing at folder and looks lost
Amount of work to do before christmas is just huge
Santa claus holding cup of tea and covering one eye with cookie
You're too good to me, darling
Grandpa knows how to make christmas mood
Grandparents and granddaughter wrapping christmas gifts
I exist for those who believe in me!
Grandparents got me what i've really wanted to
Christmas time has been going just great
Yeah, my grandparents are really just the best
A bag of coal for you this year
Shh... don't tell anyone that i'm here!
Yes, this is what you wanted!
Come and take your gifts!
When you are overdoing it
Those kids can drive you crazy
Who's been naughty here?
Yes, i got here ahead of time
Yeah, i like this candy, thanks
Surprised santa claus holding deer stuffed toy
Santa claus focused on reading information on folder
He's been caught by surprise
Gosh, too many chimneys...
No one is supposed to see santa
Keeping santa's secret about presents
Well, this deer toy looks quite nice
Happy santa claus holding gift box and deer stuffed toy
And i haven't bought presents yet
Doing a reading before preparing all the presents
Seems like all set and ready for holidays
Sants claus reading something from the folder and pointing out
Surprised santa claus drinking tea and eating cookie
You're too good to me, darling
Just having great time and preparing for christmas
Grandparents and granddaughter wrapping gifts
Grandparents and kid girl sitting at the table and wrapping christmas gifts
Well, grandpa was the one to give the idea
You're right to be christmas tree
Presents' time for me has started
Come and take your gifts!
I’ve got my eye on you!
I've found exactly what you wanted
I've got something amazing in my bag!
I exist for those who believe in me!
What do you want from me, kiddo?
What? everyone was naughty this year?
I'll take them by surprise
Little kid girl and santa sitting together
I've asked you for a doll, not for xmas candies
Surprised santa claus looking at deer stuffed toy