grey hair

Browsing through our family photo album together
I can't believe how fast time flies
I love spending time with my grandma
Mum, let's give a new life to our old photos!
Digital photos are better than printed, don't you think so?
Good choice, granny
Printed photos vs digital photos is a huge debate today
I guess i just don't understand today's generation
Got a man who's making me smile every morning
Couldn't be happier on day like this
Yeap, it's one of the happiest days of our life
Seems like i have wings behind my back
Yes, and what did you say to him?
You should quiver in fear, i'm furious
Day we've been named a family for the first time
Just one photo, dear!
I can also sing a song or two
If he hits on you once again, just put your middle finger up
Besides chocolate he is my favorite
Flying away with the love of my life
She's the best what happened to me in my life
No no, i'm not prepared
Playful and cheerful
Being with her makes me happiest in the world
So finally i've married this beautiful lady
It's worth living for moments like these
The selfiest selfie ever
She's mine
That feeling when you find your soulmate
Such nice gesture of yours
There's something very bonding about reading together
Look, what nice pictures are here!
Do you remember that summer?
Well, it's time to turn our old photos into digital images
Wow, my granny is such a techie
Granny, i can make your old photos look like new
This is what i call digitally advanced grandma
Dogs have owners, cats have staff
Dogs have owners, cats have staff
Proud to call this man husband
Give me your hand, dear
Here we have the beginning of something new
I'm jealous like othello and crazy like lear
They look wonderful together
That's a secret, don't tell anyone
He always makes me laugh
On the verge of singing
So deeply in love with this boy
It was a joke, to tease you, there is nothing
Being married to this man feels jsut amazing
Aren't we looking really cool?
I'm so happy you're in my life
She understands me like no other girl in the world
Happy, cozy and comfortable
I'm terribly fond of her
It's all making sense if she's by my side
I love taking pictures of my girlfriend
Cross-cultural communication at its finest
Cross-cultural communication at its finest
She's so good at telling jokes
Looking forward to great things
Such beauty needs to be recognized, at least with the booquet
Such beauty needs to be recognized, at least with the booquet