Technology Stock Photos: plump brunette

Wanna watch cartoons even just for few minutes
Little kid girl listening carefully to what's said on the phone
Little kid girl holding smartphone
What, is it already time to stop using phone?
Guess, i have right to use phone a little too?
Our mother-daughter connection is very strong
A bit of self love always cheers me up during the daily routine
Let's listen to eminem, mother
She is more interested in sounds her phone makes when she hitting the table with it then what it can do and i appreciate it dearly
Kids' songs can actually be pretty good!
What, it's already time to stop using phone?
Trying to understand if parents allowed to use phone or not
Wanna watch cartoons even just for few minutes
Yeap, you can call me a techno lover from the very young age
Trying to figure out all the settings here
She can't read yet, but she already can play games on my phone, isn't it mind-blowing
What are you listening to, mommy? you didn't even plug your headphones in
Good taste in music runs in the family
Hi mum, can you hear me?
We are so alike, she even likes the same music as i do!
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