With Beard

Well, i'm not in the mood today
How do you like my classical style, huh?
Older bald man with white beard standing side back to camera
Accurate style is everything when it comes to fashion
Good looking older man standing in profile
And there i was, carrying a banner...
Give me your word you won't do that again
Serious looking old professor standing with his hands folded
Feeling quite serious when thinking about science
Mature serious looking professor standing with eyeglasses on head and hands folded
Quite contented with work result
Mature man pointing up and looks like explaining something
Excited mature professor adjusting eyeglasses
I have some problems with understanding that
Mature professor seems to don't understand something
We would need to review this one
Handsome older man looking right to the camera
How do you like my style, huh?
Looking good and stylish is essential
Accurate style is everything when it comes to fashion
Don't you dare come near me!
This science decision is not my thing
Old professor standing with his ahnds folded and eyes closed
Old professor holding book and looks surprised
Serious looking mature professor with eyeglasses off and hands folded
Pensive mature man bitting his eyeglasses
Laughing mature professor holding his glasses
Serious looking mature professor standing with hands folded
Mature professor adjusting his eyeglasses
Oh, he's just the sweetest doggy ever