hair elastics

Father has fun with his daughter and son
Kid sitting up on father's neck and kid girl standing naer
Nose-to-nose greeting
Mom, i'm a big boy...
Gonna kick a really nice score
Don't eat me, good boy, i'll sing a song for you
First toy, first friend and first storyteller
Nothing to say, i'm getting stronger
Food morning!
That's the best comedy we've ever seen
Happy young teacher and a schoolboy standing together
Thank you, mommy
I'm really good at basketball
You're such a good eater today
Well, he's teething, isn't he?
Anything is fun when we are together
He's got two eyes and one little nose...
My precious baby boy
We make a good team, don't we?
That's where i take energy for my day
You're making progress!
Let's het this game started, huh?
Oh yeah, he's started chewing anything he can get hold of
Choo-choo, open wide, here comes the train
Stop fiddling with a spoon, be a good boy
Be a good boy, eat properly
You should do as you was told to
Feeling good after the game
You're so nice to help me, really
Feeling serious about this game
So finally it happened!
So finally it happened!
Gaining parents-son time
I'm not letting you go, sweety
Thank you, sweety
Don't eat me, good boy, i'll sing a song for you
Look, your bunny is hungry... shall we feed him?
Hi, little bunny, let's play together
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day
Look, he's gonna kill him!
We love all the same movies with my son
Happy with her student's success
So contented with the game
Open the tunnel, here comes the train!
Mom, how long should i wait?
I feel like i'm a kid again when blowing bubbles with my son
Two happy little bannies
And then the little bunny said...
Geography is my favourite class!
Our cat can't stand the kissy-kissy stuff
Our cat can't stand the kissy-kissy stuff
I don't understand what's happening
Wooh, what a game it was!
It's not tasty, sweet pea, i'll get you an apple
Pe teacher and pupil clapping hands together
Stop fiddling with a spoon, be a good boy
Well, the spoon isn't edible, is it?
Let's see who can blow the biggest one
Contented and tired after the game
Mother's day
He's six months old and insanely adorable
Let's get this game started!