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Pros of waking up early: plenty of time ahead, no need to rush, watching nice sunrises; cons of waking up early: this
A moment of serenity before the start of the new day
Ahh a moment to myself..i needed it
Gotta be extra careful today since i've run out of bandages after the yesterday's incident
I like how i look like today
Feeling relaxed and sleepy in a soft morning glow
A wholesome nile appeared on your screen to support whoever is reading this with his all-knowing smile. thank you, nile
Will i get a mohawk if i dry them off like this
Morning is my favourite part of the day
Good morning vibes
When i first saw it on the online shopping site i thought it was a denim jacket. no regrets though
I put 'me' in 'mesmerizing'
Everyone knows weird shower thoughts, but why noone talks about nice after shower thoughts, like the ones i have now
Feeling like a perfection
I bought this toothpaste with 50% discount and i can absolutely assure you that brushing teeth has never been this satisfying
Self love is one of the most important forms of love that is always hardest to achieve
The smell of vanilla pie from this cream is fantastic! the taste, on the contrary, didn't meet my expectations
Take care of yourself before you take care of others is my motto and i follow it with pleasure
Young indian woman applying hand cream
I've  been working really hard
I've been working really hard
What a great way of spending the day!
I mean, i'm already late so what's the point in rushing
Shower: done, shaving: done, moisturizing: done, feeling perfect: in a process
An important step to the perfect look
The smoothest skin award 2019 is definitely gonna be mine
Getting into the right mood before another work day
My only problem for today is whether i want to start a day with a cup of tea or coffee
Thinking about you
Oh, come on! what happened next?
All fresh and confident and ready for the new day
Flashback to the soft autumn days
Soft and silky
Taking care of yourself is hard work too
Feeling soft and beautiful in the gentle morning glow
Feeling sexy, looking accordingly
Did you know that the toothpaste usage dates back to 3000 bc and the ancient egyptians were the ones who did it? thanks for contributing to my dental health, guys!
When you think about your life and all the memories turn out to be good
Thinking of the good day ahead
Young indian woman applying hand cream
Young indian woman applying hand cream
Summer and active lifestyle is a great combination
Trying to put myself together after gym
Trying to put myself together after gym
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