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Being a swimmer requires time and efforts
Young fashionable woman sitting at the table and leaning her face on hands
Young worker sitting with her legs on the table and hands folded behind the head
So much material to cover
Young mind full of knowledge
Coffee and day dreams
Thinking over all this info
She can't read yet, but she already can play games on my phone, isn't it mind-blowing
Relaxing and recovering coffee time
Cup of coffee, moka and green leaf in the vase
Yeah, i still have a lot of work to do
If only house could always be clean and undirty
Young handsome teacher sitting at the table with hands on his table
Swimmer's routine is about to start
Keep calm and be a mom
Elegant and intelligent
Elegant and intelligent
Immersed in thoughts about work
It's time to start training time
Coffee time to recover powers
Cup of coffee, moka and green leaf in the vase
Preparing myself mentally before swimming competition
Well, housewife work is all about this
Done all washing and cleaning and now it's time for myself
Here the list ends
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