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When the surprise is actually unexpectedly nice and you forget how to speak for a few seconds
She can make you believe she is from another world in a few seconds on the pointe shoes
This is exactly how i imagined fairies would look like
After shower thoughts
Laughing out loud at my own jokes because i'm my favourite comedian
Lost in warmth and a feeling of comfort
What will you get if you put a long fish on a skin care product? eel on mask! got it? ohh i'm on fire today
The appointment is over
Oh hi beauty! i literally had to cover my little heart with my hands 'cause a single glance from you can shatter it into pieces
Like the lightest feather in the wind
The art of looking effortless while doing impossible things
For me??
Alien standing with hands on his chest
Not drunk, just alternatively sober and feeling like queen
Everybody, run! she's about to transform!!
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