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This talk got me seriously
Sometimes you feel like you've run out of batteries
Mature man smiling and holding his hands on his hips
What do you drink first thing in the morning?
Young man with hands crossed
Definitely in the mood for some fun
Haven't felt myself so cool in a very long time
She's such a weirdo but i love it
I can't handle this anymore
Putting my thoughts in order
Restarting the thoughts
These family moments are priceless
These family moments are priceless
This week we did really great job
Serious looking mature professor holding book on his head
Balancing with amount of knowledge
Contented with how work proceeds
I feel like birds are watching me
Did you too think it was a cabbage on the preview
Switching on the mind and let's start the day
Wish i could go back to bed right now
Nothing can bring down my mood
10 out of 10, would recommend
My life is so stressful i check my head for grey hairs every friday
Will they notice my eye bags if i spend the meeting like this, in this exact pose
Seems like i need to have my hair cut again
Should i also style my hair a bit or is it too much for a one minute communication with a pizza man
I mean, i'm already late so what's the point in rushing
Sleeping while shaving may not look like the best idea but i've never been known for best ideas
Shower: done, shaving: done, moisturizing: done, feeling perfect: in a process
Thinking makes the man
Never-ever have felt better
And now we're going to celebrate!
Young sportsman standing with his hands in the pockets
C'mon guys, let's have some fun
Know that the things are gonna be cool
She's such a weirdo but i love it
How about hanging out a little, huh?
We did it, we won the bid
We did it, we won the bid
Just letting my thoughts go with the flow
Trying to free my mind
Well, i made my fashion choice
Got a lot of stuff to think about
Serious looking mature professor standing with hands folded
A little bit cold for a walk
Kid boy sitting on his father's neck and they holding hands up
Time to forget about everything and feel the sunlight softly caressing your face
It's time to wake up and shine
Don't wanna wake up and start the day
Wish i could go back to bed right now
Looking great feeling great
Hey, first time here?
Will i look cooler if i style my hair differently or is it objectively impossible to look cooler then i do now
After my skin betrayed me right before this very important meeting my only consolation is that noone's perfect
I know it's bad for your skin but at the same time ughh so tempting
A moment of serenity before the start of the new day
Pros of waking up early: plenty of time ahead, no need to rush, watching nice sunrises; cons of waking up early: this
Ahh a moment to myself..i needed it
Honey, i also have a tablet :)
Young caucasian guy in cap standing with his hands up
Young caucasian guy in cap standing with his hands up