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Adore this morning routine
Well, didn't i forget anything to do?
Sunday mornings feel so good
I'm not becoming bald, am i?
Favorite perfume on and i'm ready to face the day
Using my favorite perfume
Treated myself with a new fragrance
In the hands of a professional
Let's try something different this time
It's gonna look awesome
Browsing web at a hairdresser's
Smells suspicious but okay
Do you feel the vibes of cuteness? those are mine
Posing with a new palette before i mess it up
-and then we're gonna put the second layer of the face mask on, stay tuned and learn my secret technique for the better results!
Adore this morning routine
Starting this day with morning routine
Morning routine is a perfect time to think over the plans for the day
What a great scent it is
Favorite perfume on and i'm ready to face the day
Adore this scent
Trying on that fancy new scent
Teenage boy getting his hair cut
In the hands of a professional
Ready to get a new haircut
Keeping yourself beautiful at all times is a hard but rewarding work
Never tried any of these tints before so i'm pretty excited
Makeup is art and i am its sad artist
I wonder if they'll notice if i take a little bit for myself
Here the list ends
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