Confident inside and outside as never
This towel is so heavy, i constantly feel the need to hold it with my hands so it wouldn't fall off
Forget all the chores i was going to do, i'm spending this morning on myself
Slow dancing to the rhythm in my head
Hit by a sudden wave of memories
Looking good and feeling just great
Loving yourself means love your body too
I have a secret to share
Good morning, new day, i am ready to meet you!
I prefer tea ins-tea-d of coffee
Nothing can bring my mood down
Oh my, there's a dog on the street! a big and a fluffy one! ahh can't stop watching
Fresh, clean and full of positive thoughts
Great and healthy body isn't about measurements
True and valuable beauty is what really matters
What? it's been on sales
Loving yourself means love your body too
These workouts never fail to give me positive emotions
My only problem for today is tea of coffee and as you can see i've already solved it
Ohh a cup of nice hot tea, what can be better than this?
Here the list ends
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