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Work day's been going just fine enough
Kinda trying to get into work mood here
This talk got me seriously
This new smartphone is just great
Let's forget about everything and dance for a bit
Come on, let's dance together
When you hear the first sound of your favourite song and immediately start smiling unconsciously
And suddenly every word they sing is about you
I can hear her smile while singing and it makes me smile, too
It's not my fault they left their laptop unpassworded
Look at this fantastic picture i've downloaded from the internet
Working on a secret project you are not allowed to look at
There is no music in my earphones, they are just the illusion of normality, i'm dancing to my own tune you are not allowed to hear
Hi mum, can you hear me?
Let's appreciate the age of technology that allows us to work from literally any place that has wifi and electricity
Sometimes a simple smile from your boss can be a much better motivation than a half an hour pep talk
Let's see who's gonna get more likes on our selfie from this gallery
She can't read yet, but she already can play games on my phone, isn't it mind-blowing
Kinda trying to get into work mood here
Treated myself withh new device
Work day's been going just fine enough
Happy tunes for happy mood
Slow dancing with myself 'cause i deserve it
Dance like no one's watching, sing like no one's listening, dance and sing when no one's actually watching and listening 'cause it's too much for one person to handle
Do you like my home screen picture
When your favourite song comes on shuffle
Is it me or their version of the route to the museum really does lie through the restricted area
Nice, collected, positive and ready for the new day
Every screen is a touchscreen if you are bold enough
This picture looks so vivid it makes me want to touch it
A confident boss radiating positive vibes is what the office needs the most on monday morning
Our mother-daughter connection is very strong
Immersed in thoughts about work
When you crave the vacation so much that you make a 30-minute presentation about it and make your boss watch the whole thing
A bit of self love always cheers me up during the daily routine
She is more interested in sounds her phone makes when she hitting the table with it then what it can do and i appreciate it dearly
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