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Young female builder standing on stepladder and holding a file
Who said construction progress isn't for women?
Oh, renovation time is so much fun
Pretty excited about this building
Let's start the renovation
Using hammer gives me some hard times
Ready and confident about construction process
Oh, renovation time is so much fun
Yeah, we're gonna rock this building
Building process requires maximum concentration
Female worker standing on stepladder and holding pliers
Paying attention to the process
So, what i'm proposing here is...
Architects involved in team work
Hard day is ahead of us
Opreation starts in ten minutes
Waiting for today's patients
Intensive day of medical worker is about to start
Moment of highest responsibility
Doctors are always on guard
Hmm, don't see anything out of ordinary here
Doctors are like artists in curing hearts
Staying on the guard of heart diseases
Operation was a success
Gotta catch a breath and refresh myself a little
Ok, let's the construction process begin
It's important to don't hit the fingers
Construction work is about to start
Gonna try my best at building this
Let's get started the renovation progress
Young female builder standing on stepladder and holding hammer
Yeah, we're gonna rock this building
Seems. i've got to take a little break
Great building is about to start
These are not exactly super easy to use
Figuring out how to use those ones
Weekend after hardworking days is coming
Well, new working week waiting for us
No time for rest, urgent things are calling us
Moment of highest responsibility
Let's not drown in the amount of work this week too
Not so much time to get us prepared to an operation
Involved in work thoughts
Examing patient's lungs scan
Checking patient's x-ray scan
Human's heart is extremely fragile
Get your thoughts together, guys, we have to work hard
What's disturbing me is right here
Here the list ends
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