Ready to shine today
An important office job vibes
Simple but elegant
The ministry of silly walks
Walking in a straight line is way harder when you have your new high heels on
Hot days, short skirts
Pretty clothes and a confident posture
Posing for a photo
Standing and waiting
Unsure of where to go
Gotta go fast
Kinda walking kinda standing
A bit shy or maybe just walking
Casually adjusting her shoe
Oops, seems like i have a problem
Still haven't decided what direction i am going in
Such nice legs like mine should be il-leg-al
Oh no, i didn't expect it to shrink after a few drops of summer rain!
Shot of female legs in beige high heels
Shot of female legs in beige high heels and woman's hand touching leg
Looks like it's time to change slippers for high heels
Thinking over once again is it worth it
Um yeah, i've found a walkie-talkie like you told me, what's next
Treated myself with new pair of shoes
Close your eyes, let the feelings speak
Young afrowoman holding beige heels and money bills
And what exactly made you think that you're worthy my time?
What do you mean this is not a phone, i've been talking for forty minutes
Oh, yet another drama i don't wanna be a part of but will gladly watch the show
Recollecting last night's adventures
The classic itself
If i were cinderella i'd never left my shoe to the prince. men come and go and prada is still prada
Confident and proud of it
The party is over
Walking unsurely
A standing woman
Standing comfortably my ground
Flirting a bit
I'm on my way
Not interested in you
Walk, walk fashion baby
A pair of beautiful female legs
Ready to go
I'm feeling blue today and wanted to emphasize it
Warm weather, warm colours
Walking away from my problems
When your skirt is too short each step is a challenge
These shoes were made for walking
These shoes were made for walking
Shot of female legs in beige high heels
I lost a bet to a guy in a chiffon skirt but i'll make these high heels work
Forget about everything, just breathe and let the feeling flow
Lost in feelings
Thinking over once again is it worth it
Not drunk, just alternatively sober and feeling like queen
The choice is quite hard to make
Hello, fire station? get your stuff ready 'cos i'm on fire today
I told you time and time again: i'm not as think as you drunk i am
You haven't heard anything
A nice compromise between comfort and love to high heels