housekeeper Stock Photos

Robots: slaves or friends?
Robots: slaves or friends?
Well, it doesn't smell good a lot
Oh, that looks familiar to me
Seems like it hasn't been washed for a long time
Oh, this softer smells like heaven
Bet it would feel just great on the skin
And how could've we come to this point?
These cleaning tools have been working great
And i'm almost done with the cleaning time
Young guy wearing apron and putting on gloves
Young househusband putting on gloves
Young househusband holding mop and looking at phone
And no wrinkles left
Young househusband looking outraged by all clothes to iron
Yeah, i'm not very good at these things
This powder really gives so much softness and a scent
Getting through al the old clothes
Having some productive time
And no spots we see here
Yuck, and how long it hasn't been washed?
Yeah, it needs really deep and good clean
Pretty young housewife standing next to basin and smelling clothes
Realising that cleaning work is about to be finished
She's a natural born housekeeper
Getting ready for big cleaning day
Gonna have quality time cleaning the house
Smiling young househusband ironing clothes
Working for getting rid of these wrinkles
Young handsome guy ironing shirt and looking worried
No hopes i'm gonna be there on time