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Photography is both my passion and my work
Immersed in work negotiations
Relaxed and peaceful letter reading time
Enchanted by this letter
One hundred percent focused
Immersed in his work
Immersed in his work
Immersed in some reading
Head in the clouds
Reading is my passion and source of info
Working on new architecture project
And what for did we come here?
Totally involved in work thoughts
These latest fashion trends are quite interesting
Serious looking young woman leaning chin on her hands
Immersed in thoughts about work
Immersed in reading a letter
Enchanted by what's written there
Immersed in this letter reading
Music makes for a productive working day
A short break to settle mind
Creative process
And what should i write here?
Immersed in the fantasy dimension
When you think about that leaking pipe
Guess, they're not interested in talking
Yeah, 'cause we have so little time to surf in internet these days
A pleasant moment of my busy day
Smiling young househusband ironing clothes
Well, time to do finally this call