These photos are impressing
Alone in a big city
Alone in a big city
Bittersweet memories
The mood of this month is sadness
A sudden urge to rethink my whole life
I feel like birds are watching me
Not sure how to behave in a situation like this
Your stories never fail to make me smile
Oh man, this horoscope says i'm cute
There's no "me" in "working today", but there is "me" in "time to daydream" and i think it's important
I'm gonna upload this to every social media i know
Hold on-
Damn i'm such a cutie
This idea seems not bad at all
New adventure is about to start
Photoshooting going just great
Who would've thought that photos would look so much better without me in them
Who would've thought that photos would look so much better without me in them
Feeling jealous for no reason
Me, pretending to consider buying an expensive item i grabbed by mistake, knowing full well i can't afford even a box it comes in
I need some time out to think it over
Pretending to think over something serious thing so no one would dare to bother you and other ways to sabotage the work of the whole department
Pretending to hold something but when you zoom in there's nothing, as a metaphor for my life
Every single text from you makes me blush but i like it
This is the cutest thing i've ever received
They think i'm watching something important but i'm just checking myself out in the screen reflection
Education is my passion
2007 was so long ago i forgot how to do a right myspace angle
If there was a world record for the lack of enthusiasm i'd not even take the first place, i'd be in jury
I'm gonna be the best-looking person in the office tomorrow
I wish you noticed me