With Freckles

Young woman in a yellow rain jacket
Scrolling through social media together
Charming smile is her weapon
Catching a breath before facing the world again
That song really gets me
Girl in yellow coat standing in profile
Gosh, my memory has become so useless lately
It reminds me of my best times
Young woman in yellow coat covering her face with her arms
Who's the nerdy boss here, huh?
So, i've been thinking maybe...
Just tell me what you need
Furious inside but stone cold on he outside
You really checking out this girl while holding my hand?
Going somewhere with my hun
Сan't take my eyes off of you
Couple sitting in bed and having coffee
Young woman in a yellow rain jacket
That song really gets me
In this headphones i can just drown in the music
No, i don't wanna see it
So, could we talk, like for a sec?
Sometimes you need to save this, you know
Still can be bossing around with one eye only
You can read me like a book, so why bother asking
Let's get straight to the point
Seems like there is something i don't understand
Woman in a yellow raincoat holding an invisible subject and smiling to a camera
C'mon, dear, we need to hurry
One moment before a kiss
One moment before a kiss