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A good rhythm will never leave you indifferent
Try to understand how i feel
Few more seconds and i die like this and they'll have to discover my body clutching two blue dumbbells, with abba blasting in my earpods
Paying attention how the time flows by
Being extremely careful with time
Feeling a little bit tired already
Could this day be even more boring?
Haven't slept for two days, learned more than i've ever known, have had more coffee cups than it's possible to imagine, can i hear colours? probably. what is this emotion on my face? i don't know
What am i supposed to do with this
I've been feeling down lately
I hope you have a very good reason to bother me like that, human
Got a bad grade again. whatever!
Got a bad grade again. whatever!
Watching how time flow by
Counting time till the very minute
Distracted from the outside world
A fat man in sportswear drinking beer and holding a handful of chips
A fat man in sportswear drinking beer from the bottle
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