Office Stock Photos: thin black

And how do you like this one?
Seems like we have something interesting here
Contented with the results
Well, we need do something about that
And what's bothering you there?
Guess, i know what to do about that
We should get some more info about this
Well, that's how the things are right now
Who was responsible for that thing?
Ha-ha, it's hilarious, really
Thinking about some new ideas
Involved in some case solving
Involved in proofreading the material before deadlines' closure
When things went better than you've expected
Hold on a sec, i need to see this
Are you kidding me?
This document need to be revised one more time
I don't understand what is written there
Real work consists of attention and concentration on details
It seems like ready to be emailed
Good leader often feels lonely
Good leader often feels lonely
Well, let's see with what we've got to work here
Partners who know how ta make business
Are you serious about proposing this?
In the middle of intensive teamworking
These moments of highest responsibility
Feeling very serious about this upcoming event
An attentive office worker checking her work
This is what we've been working on so long
I have some fresh official news to inform
Focused on checking important stuff
Doing some designer's work
Doing some designer's work
You need to proofread this part
And what's bothering you there?
Discussing agenda item for the project
Preparing for some valuable deal
Gotta be careful with all the data
It's not what we've been discussing
We should point out that thing
Well done, i'm proud of you!
I've asked you to fix it, not to make it even worse
I think, it looks better this way, no?
How did you manage this?
So, well, what's your idea then?
So, well, what's your idea then?
I need to find there something
I didn't see that coming
In the middle of intensive teamworking
Pretty young girl revising some documents
Wait, what these numbers are?
There's something i want to show to you
Design creation process
Design creation process
I'm not good with thing, you know
I mean, have you seen it?
Beautiful businesswoman holding papers and propoding to take a look on it
I guess, no one revised it before send it to me
I should talk to boss about it
Probably, my colleagues will love it
This is what we've been working on so long
Hm, think i'm gonna need to revise it one more time
Have any ideas about that?