Studying map before going on a road
Preparation before taking a journey
Beautiful dreamer
Where am i headed to next?
Travelling around the world
Well, i'd better get going
It looks like i shall take another route
I guess that's the best route
Out world is a little marble
Where am i headed to next?
What if...
It's time to make up your mind
Yeah, we're going on holiday!
Yeah, we're going on holiday!
Middle aged couple holding suitcase and passports
Can't wait for our journey to get started
Giving a thought to all trip planning
Preparing myself for great new adventure
Letting his mind drift to happy places
There's nothing better than travelling
Having some rest before leaving
I might not get this made in time
It's time for route planning
Checking the time
Going on an adventure
It's time to go places
Idea just struck me!
Involved in my inner world
Middle aged couple laughing packing a suitcase
Let's start this great holidays time
So, honey, where do you wanna go this year?