Waiting for this magical face mask result
Waiting to see result after this magical mask
Waiting to see result after this magical mask
Talking to a friend while having coffee is just a must
Young asian girl talking on the phone and having coffee
Trying to don't get sad about latest news
Skin really feels like heaven
Creating mood even during morning beauty care
Young asian woman focused on cleaning face with cotton pads
Not skipping any step of face care
Young asian woman in pink rabbit hat cleaning face with cotton pads
Seems like i already can feel effect on my skin
Hey there, how do you like my my beauty look?
Smiling young asian woman in pink rabbit hat holding cotton pads next to her face
Sad 'cause i missed a class today
Well, i guess i have no mood for studying right now
Peace and love everyone! great day it's gonna be!
Just heading to school
So, take a closer look on what's written here
When friend wrote and i have no idea how to respond
Guessing what's gonna be the best way to respond
Lately my grades weren't good at all
All i can think about is music, not homework
All points for this song!
Expressing my gratitude and love with this humble gesture
Oh well, all this beauty routine got me slightly tired
Well, let's see how this gonna affect my skin
Thinking if this gonna be good enough for me
Trying modern things to keep face skin on top
Smiling young asian woman doing face massage with face massage roller
Looking quite good with this mask, huh?
Taking care of under eyes skin is essential
Got a little bit sad 'cause of the latest news
Totally focused on thinking about all those news
Need a minute to cope with all the news
Treating my face skin with a lot of care
Young asian woman holding cotton pads in both hands and cleaning face skin
And isn't the result just great
Giving my skin really deep and good cleaning
When beauty care process is a pure joy
Washing face after beauty routine time
Should i apply this one or just skip the step?
Young asian woman putting cosmetic product on cotton pad
Taking measures to keep skin healthy and glowing
Trying to figure out what classes did i miss or not
Great day it's gonna be
Ready to conquer all this school subjects
Don't know how to tell mom about the grades
When friend wrote and i have no idea how to respond
Reading messages from friends in the morning always cheers me up
Socialising with a bff is always fun
This is just a must in studying process
Yeap, this music is definitely great
Smiling asian school girl holding flowers
Just can't skip this step
Got little bit pensive during morning routine
Skin needs proper treatment
Well, let's see how this gonna affect my skin
Always indecisive about choosing correct product
Hoping it's gonna work just great on my skin