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Prepared well, so now can shine with a knowledge
Immersed in some reading
Excited because weekend will be soon
Got something on my mind, you know
Primary schoolgirl holding an opened book and finger up
It's a great story, you should read it too
I've been reading it and i really like it
Heading to school
It's important to remember to pack all books
Putting everything in order before school
I don't understand it
Focused on getting a good outcome
Young mind full of knowledge
Showing good results during the class
Gaining knowledge is a hard work
Gaining knowledge is a hard work
Hard studying starts already from preparing a backpack
In great mood after reading a coll book
On weekends i wanna sleep and play, not study
Tired because of carrying books, not because of studying
Got involved in reading this
Here, i bet you'd like this book too
Wish vacations would come faster
All these won't fit in my backpack
Knowledge gains with these amount of books
Didn't i forget that math manual?
Oh, there still so much homework
Mom, just a few minutes more, ok?
I've been studying too hard
Reading is my passion and source of info
Getting new knowledge together