One hundred percent focused
Listening to his favorite music
Setting a playlist for the run
Jogging keeps him fit
Would you speak more slowly, please? i'm checking the information
I'm sick to death of this buzzkill
Haven't heard you for ages
Man in suit with wide smile on his face holding a glass
Man in suit with his eyebrow raised holding a glass
Man in suit slightly smiling and holding a glass
Are you talking to me?
Music makes for a productive working day
Searching for something new to listen
Who me?
It's important to listen to safety announcements
Motivated for a long run
Who wants to join me for a run?
In running position
In running position
Could you be more specific please?
Well, the news is better than i expected
Man in suit with his eyebrow raised holding a glass
Enjoying the evening, dear?
Man in suit holding his phone like doing a photo
So why did you bother me on holiday?
He knows his way around technologies
Immersed in his work
Hey, you wanted say something to me?
Let's listen to your hertbeat
Listen, let's have a little talk