Getting ourselves ready for a nice pic
Not this hair problems again
Mature man styling his hair
Old age sneaked up on me
Mature man in pink robe adjusting his hair
Well, preparing myself to shine like a star today, huh
Good brushing morning!
Good brushing morning!
Do it yourself, you're a big girl
No hurting, i promise!
Well, brush your hair yourself
What about two ponytails, kiddo?
Looking just stunning with this haircut
Working on perfect morning haircut
Looking fabulous with this haircut
Young afroman brushing hair
Facing hair problems is hard
Should look really cool today
Styling hair need to be considered as an art too
No matter what hairstyle it would be, i'm cool anyway
Morning routine truns you into a normal human being
Drying my hair and then gonna but a creme on it to look cool today
Your hair is my responsibility
You can choose hair tie in any colour you like
Come on, who's the best hair stylist in this place?
Come on, your father is the best at hairstyling!
Starting day from hair routine procedures
Young afroman brushing hair with hair comb
Getting hair in order before heading out
Looking fabulous with this haircut
I think i've done a pretty good job but feel free to ruin it as you wish