Feeling pretty and confident
Hey, look at my brand new blue and black jacket!
Hey, look what i've bought!
Look at me, i'm a beautiful creature
I don't need numbers to know that i look fantastic
Realising that work deadline is today already
They said it is one of the kindest breeds of cats ever, but considering the look he just gave me that fact didn't relate to the families with kids
Look, a sunny bunny!
Getting mr cat a decent look for today
Look at this healthy and happy mr cat
Good morning vibes
This is called fashion, baby, look it up
Look, when i hold them like this i can cosplay as teletubby
You think i'm choosing what to have? no silly, i'm choosing what to start with
Know how to look great for the evening
Any solutions how to fix the situation?
Look mommy i'm tickling kitty's nose!
Do you ever look at someone and wonder what is going on inside their head?
Getting mr cat a decent look for today
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