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Young woman in white dress holding a plant bouquet
Guessing what it used to be
The only thought i have now is about food
Educating myself
Focused on the telephone dicussion
So, now no excuses to don't do gardening, huh?
Sad and involved in thoughts
So much work to do that i wanna hide from it
In the middle of work process
Look what a nice plants bouquet i got
When deadlies are close
Looking at this new watch
Work day got me like this
Spending some leisure with reading
Guessing about should i call him or not?
Totally involved in work process
Mood isn't great at all
When it's monday, i wanna hide from all the fuss
Monday got me like this
What a nice plants bouquet
I need your advice on which one to choose
Making a couple photo with my love
Here the list ends
You can request a photo if you haven’t found the right one
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