looking aside

Two brothers looking aside
Yeah, my brother doesn't really have all that taste
What, did i measure something worng?
Well, i'm trying to understand what i did wrong here
Well, i'm trying to understand what i did wrong here
Can someone help me with measurements' thing?
Waiting for my love to come for a date
Handsome young man sitting near the clock with his hands folded
Lost in thought
I've got a lot to think about
I don't care about small talks, i'm 3
Having thoughts of great time
Don't talk to me or my daughter ever again
They grow up so fast
A lot of work yet to do
When you and brother have different taste for tv show
Sports time is about to get started
Well, brothers' relations are hard
Before fixing it i need to measure eveything
Maybe, we better switch it off
Attractive young worker looking aside
Creating new architecture isn't easy
Checking out what's today on tv
Noir suits my mood and look quite well
I've got a lot to think about
Involved in some work stuff
Drowning deep in personal guessing
Look, a sunny bunny!
Children teach us to notice little things in life again
Young woman sitting next to the table with the computer
Distracting from work a little bit
I will always protect you
Young woman working on the computer got distracted by something
Steady-ready to start the practice time
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