looking closely at

Young asian woman looking closely at facial mask she's holding with both hands
Let's get straight to the point
This drink tastes surprisingly good
Trying to guess what have i caught
This colour must suit me really well
Young asian woman looking closely at brush while applying eyeshadows
Young girl looking attentively at ice cream she's holding
This went out not as bad as i've been expecting
So, let's get to work
I wish i knew how much money are left there
Loving this man so much
Our love story started in the office
Do you really wanna start that conversation again?
Young employee sitting at the table and holding a cup of coffee
Let's loosen up today a little
You're such a cute one, take care, bye!
Young teacher in terracotta jacket looking closely at something
Figuring out how to use this thing right
Young big man dressed as a cupid holding bow and arrow
You tired me with all your boring stuff
Trying to guess what have i caught
Pink blouse and pastel lipstick make good combination
This last message made me little bit confused
Weren't we supposed to go out?
Taking a close look on the photo object
Still can be bossing around with one eye only
Being together with my man even at work is so precious
Trying to figure out things
Listening carefully to teacher's words
Oh, it's so sweet! haven't seen you in a while!
I'm such a cute little one, don't you think?
No, that's you my little sweet one
Young attractive man working on the notebook
Here the list ends
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